Policy of Work Acceptance

For works are essential to have below criteria to put up for sale and to take space at our website. If the image, photo, vector or picture etc. does not have the below criteria, they are not accepted and are refused by our specialists.

All of the images, photos or vectors etc. are intended for professional using,

  • Every work must have owner's characteristic.
  • Every work must have aesthetic value.
  • The properties like tone, colour, decor, background and light etc. in the work must be excellent.
  • The properties like composition, concept, style, sense and theme must be in works.
  • Vectorial drawings must have creative properties, must be designed in properly and details must be clear.
  • The images, photos and vectors must be certainly in JPEG format.
  • The resolution of the image, photo and vector shall not be less than 2400x1600 pixels (4MP).
  • The file size of the image and photo must be less than 30 MB.
  • The file size of the vector must be less than 2 MB.
  • Files shall not have been re-sized (you must upload your images and photos in their original resolution).
  • Faulty vectors is not accepted.

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